Keelan And Steven in San Diego This Weekend!

Posted on August 14 2017


  • Ana Aguila: November 10, 2015

    ayeee choose me please <3

  • Natalie arciniega: November 08, 2015

    When is the postphoned
    Please let me know what time and day

  • Kristy: November 07, 2015

    is it going to mail to me or??

  • Bummed: November 07, 2015

    I hope you’re ok. But if you are you’re a dick.

  • Becka: November 07, 2015

    Really disappointed today that I spent over $100 to get wristbands for an event that never happened

  • Mckaela Hernandez: November 05, 2015


  • Alyssa Romero: November 05, 2015

    how do i sign up to win a wristband

  • Hailey salazar: November 05, 2015

    I rlly wanna win it will be my first time to go see him and I wasted my money for tickets for the trap house on Halloween and didn’t go so I rlly wanna win?

  • Hezekiah: November 05, 2015

    Big fan been waiting for a long time but I want some honey gear I will get some of I go

  • Tania alcantar: November 05, 2015

    Is this where we sign up to win ??

  • Gabi: November 05, 2015

    Where can I find the ticket

  • Carla campos : November 05, 2015

    Omg I’m so excited that the honey team is coming to San Diego I remember like a year ago when Steven tweeted me saying he was coming to San Diego soon?and now the day is here

  • Rosalinda Castro: November 05, 2015

    How do you sign up to win

  • alexis arce: November 05, 2015

    Really Want To Go But I Don’t Have The Money For It ! Pls Steven Pick Me

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